Amendment 4

Amendment 4, “Amendment Limiting Government Interference with Abortion” will be on November’s ballot.

"No on 4"

If passed, it would reverse everything that has been accomplished to protect life in our state. What’s most critical to understand is that this is an amendment to our State Constitution that is being proposed, not just a law. If the right for abortion is embedded in our Constitution, it is there to stay. No legislation can undo it.

The pro-life community needs to come together and rise up in a way it ever has before. We cannot be complacent any longer. This is not about political parties or culture wars. We must remember that life is at stake!

Here is what we are asking you to do:

1. Vote “No” on 4 this November.

2. Tell everyone you know to vote “no” on 4 this November.

Community Engagement Opportunities

We are also eager to come speak to your church or group on this critical issue, to help you spread the word. We are truly grateful for your partnership with A Woman’s Choice. I believe if we stand together, with God on our side, we can win “No on 4!” God bless you!

Baby and mother