My office sits somewhat near the center of our building. So during the times I am working within my office, ministry is taking place all around me in our center. I can hear people walking by, conversations taking place, and emotion being expressed. And often, our volunteers and staff come directly into my office to share what has been going on.

There was one particular day, not too long ago, when I became keenly aware of the intensity of what we experience on a day to day basis in our ministry. While I was working, around me several things were happening simultaneously: a woman sat in the office across from mine talking with one of our staff about making an adoption plan for her baby; another woman and young man had just walked through the hallway preparing to leave, full of joy for the news of the positive pregnancy they had just received; and a final woman was finishing up with her ultrasound, still reeling from her unexpected news and trying to decide whether or not to abort.

The range of emotion for our clients, our volunteers, and our staff is as broad as the experiences that life brings us. At times there is deep pain and hurt, while at other times quiet courage or joy. We never know what to expect. Some days are very hard. It is never easy to watch a woman leave our office still contemplating abortion. We hurt for her; we hurt for her baby. But we release them to God’s hands, because it is His work alone in their hearts that will make the difference.

Then some days are filled with unspeakable joy. The difficult days we endure never outweigh the incredible joy of seeing someone choose life! Those days when she came in through the door planning for an abortion, but then after receiving counsel, care and support, she makes a choice for life…there is nothing like that joy, for her or for us! We praise God for those days; they are what keep us going!

And then there are all the days in between. God has given us the tremendous opportunity and privilege to minister in so many different ways to the women and men we serve. That is why we wanted to share with you today, “A Day in the Life of A Woman’s Choice.” We wanted to give you a glimpse of the daily experience in our ministry. Because if you are reading this newsletter, you are a partner with us in ministry. You may not physically participate with us here at the center, but if you are praying for us, financially supporting us, or participating in our events throughout the year, you are a vital part of this work. So our experience here on a day to day is your experience too.
Thank you for all that you do that allows ministry to go on every day at A Woman’s Choice. We could not do it without you! I invite you to continue reading through our newsletter this month, so you can “spend a day” with us! God bless you!