The Walk for Life is tomorrow! The staff at A Woman’s Choice who have worked so hard over the past several weeks and months to plan and prepare can hardly believe it is already here! But we are excited, and can’t wait to enjoy the event with all of our supporters, and we can’t wait to see what God will do through this Walk for our ministry!

We have done the Walk for Life for many years as a fundraiser for our ministry, but this year seemed to be more challenging than the years before. Getting churches on board, getting walkers signed-up, and walkers getting sponsors…all have seemed more difficult than previous years, and at first I just couldn’t figure out why. But then talking to a good friend of mine who has also served in pregnancy center ministry for a long time and sharing the struggles we have faced this year, the answer seemed blatantly obvious to her. “It’s the election,” she said, without missing a beat. Election years apparently always have impacted event participation and giving for non-profits.

Although this reason was not obvious to me at first, the more I thought about what she had said, the more I realized that she was right. During an election season, people are generally anxious, wary and cautious. The future is unknown, and so they are hesitant to give generously for fear of what is to come. It makes perfect sense, and yet, I am pretty sure that is not what our response should be.

It is true that especially in this election year, the future of our nation is very uncertain. With two candidates who are more polarizing than virtually anyone before them, whichever way the election turns out, half the country will feel like the worst has happened. And so people are most certainly fearful. But should that mean that we stop giving to ministries who are doing God’s work? Is this the time to stop advancing the Kingdom? I would emphatically say, NO.

In the face of uncertainty, believers in Christ are the one group of people who have something different to offer the world. We have HOPE. It doesn’t really matter what the outcome of the election is. God is in control. He is sovereign, and we can trust Him. And because of that, NOW is the time that we should take action! Because we have hope, we can confidently support the Lord’s work in our nation and our communities. Let’s not use this election as an excuse to cower in fear, instead let us stand behind those things that promote truth and the gospel. Let us give to those who bring light to this dark world. Let us move forward and advance!

I don’t know if you are planning to join us for our Walk for Life tomorrow morning, but we would love to see you there! We are expecting a beautiful day for God’s people to come together to take a stand for LIFE in our community! And we are trusting God to meet the needs of our ministry through this fundraiser. He is faithful! If you would like to do your part, visit our fundraising page to make a donation. God bless you!