The election for the President of the United States is TOMORROW, and the entire country is in great angst anticipating the results. Which is the right candidate? Which is the best candidate? Ok, which candidate will do the least harm?? Who will win? Is the election rigged? What will become of our country if “so and so” wins???

The questions are endless and they are plaguing the minds, hearts, and conversations of Americans near and far. And so, people post. Social media has become “the place” to express your views to make them known to the world. It used to be conversations around the water cooler at the office, but that was a different time. Now the audience is broader and the voices are bigger. So if we, as Americans, are experiencing collective angst over the upcoming election, then you know there will be blogs and posts about the election. So in some ways, I thought it was my duty.

And although there is nary an original thought among the myriad of thoughts expressed in countless ways through blogs, FB, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets that I am not cool enough to actually know about, each one of us, driven by passion, gives it our best to make a mark. So I begin by saying that what I am about to say may not be unique in thought, but it is what has been on my heart.

I have been observing and experiencing this election season as an American individual who has her own choice to make, and who can also see the waves of anxiety sweeping over our nation. As an individual, I know what my choice will be. I am in agreement with the overwhelming recognition that there are no good choices this year. In my almost half a century on this planet, and in this country, this has to be the craziest election that I have ever seen. The collective sentiment that “this is the best we have got??” resonates deeply with me, and yet, I will vote.

Of course I will vote! It is my duty, my right, and my privilege to vote! I will not take for granted the sacrifices that were made for me to give me this right, and I will not sit back watching and complaining about the outcomes without my voice being counted. And so even if my choices are devastatingly poor, to say the least, I will exercise my right and duty as an American citizen to vote…and you should too. Everyone should. That’s the bottom line. There are no excuses. Yes, I know the choices are hard, but vote nonetheless. Vote your conscience. Vote your heart. But for heaven’s sake, vote!

And truly, it is for heaven’s sake that we do vote. We vote, not only as Americans, but as Christians, as believers and followers of Christ, as citizens of another kingdom that we must represent here on this earth. And so our voice must be counted, but for that to happen we must lift them up. God has given us a responsibility to stand for light in this dark world, and voting is one of the ways we can do that. So much is at stake this election for our future as a country, for the future we will leave our children. So not only do we need to vote, but we need to pray.

We need to pray that God’s will be done. Ultimately, is there anything else to ask? I am not going to pretend that I know who belongs in the White House. I do have to choose, but I cannot know. Only God does. He is a sovereign God, and He is in control. So I do my part, but I ask Him to do His…and He will. In that, I have no doubt. But Christians, do not be silent! Not in your votes, and not in your prayers. Lift them both up with boldness and faith!

The final thing we must be sure to do is not to lose heart…not to fear…not to fret. I know that is easier to say than to put into practice, but truly it is a command from our Savior. In John 16:33, Jesus says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” In this scripture, He assures us of peace in a troubled world, and reminds us that He has already overcome. What a precious truth for us! Yes, in that same scripture, He also reminds us that we will face trouble. I don’t need to convince you of that. We all know that truth far too well, whether personally, nationally, or globally, we know there is trouble. But take heart! In Christ, we have peace! In Christ, we have overcome!

So while all of us anxiously await the results of the election, let us not be faint, let us not grow weary, and let us not fret. God is in control. He can handle it. Now get out and vote!…in Jesus’ name! 🙂