Church Sponsorship

There are Many Opportunities to Connect and Serve in Ministry OUTSIDE the 4 Walls of Your Church


  • How can our church get involved at A Woman’s Choice?
  • We want to put “hands to the plow” and “boots to the ground”–what can we do?
  • What service projects can our groups do?
  • How can individuals serve in the ministry?
  • How can we help?
  • How can we partner?
  • How can we save lives?


Opportunities to Support Financially

A Woman’s Choice is a local mission for the church.  We are reaching a very specific group of people with a need for help, hope and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  So local churches can support our ministry as a mission of the church, and in doing so, together we will save lives and save souls!

Ways to partner financially:

  • Monthly support
  • One-time gifts
  • Special collections for AWC
  • Participation in our fundraising events (see below)

Opportunities for Groups Service Projects

We love when church groups want to serve together at our ministry!  We are grateful for the heart and willingness to help!  Although the needs in the ministry that can be met by a group of people vary at different times and seasons of the year, we welcome you to check in with us to see what our needs are today!

Group Project Ideas:

  • Cleaning inside the building–washing windows, walls and floors, etc.
  • Cleaning outside the building–cleaning up overgrowth of brush, power washing, washing windows, doors, etc.
  • Painting–both interior and exterior areas
  • Organizing storage space
  • Moving furniture
  • Door to Door AWC Flyer Distribution in Lakeland Neighborhoods
  • Preparing Materials for Events and Community Outreach
  • Collecting Items and Creating “Welcome Baby” Bags

Opportunities to Participate in AWC Events

Throughout the year, your church—as individuals or as a group—can participate in multiple events that help save lives!

AWC Events:

    Held in the fall, a family-friendly, fundraising event and opportunity to stand together for life with others in the community.
    Held in January, but also can be done any time during the year, a fun and easy way to raise money by collecting change in baby bottles. Change changes lives!
    Any group in the church can host a baby shower to collect baby and maternity items for the moms in need who come to our center, while a speaker from the ministry comes to share about what we do.

How A Woman’s Choice Can Serve YOU!

We value your partnership, and partnership goes both ways!  We not only want to give you opportunities to serve the ministry, but we also want to serve you!  There are many ways A Woman’s Choice would be happy to serve at your church. Please contact us if we can do any of the following at your church:

  • Present our Sexual Health and Risk Avoidance Program—I WAIT—to your youth group
  • Provide Post-Abortion Counseling for those hurting from past abortions
  • Abortion Education presentations in church service, youth groups, small groups
  • Speak on various topics at Women’s Ministries Events
  • Participate in Missions Events

Contact us today to learn more and become a Church Partner

A Woman’s Choice
1234 E. Lime Street
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