• My Pregnancy Center is Pro-Choice

    In the media, pregnancy centers get a bad rap. Whether it’s late night news shows, magazine articles or news editorials, the prevailing message is that pregnancy centers are somehow against women. Even though it is our primary mission to love and serve women, despite that, we are perceived as manipulating and coercing them to yield Read More

  • Do You “DO” Pro-life?

    In a recent blog post from Care Net, one of our national affiliate organizations, the writer, Ardee Coolidge, challenges the pro-life community to put action to their convictions and words.  He makes a strong point that it is not enough to just “be” pro-life–in our thoughts and in what we say–but we also need to Read More

  • What God Never Imagined

    I have been reading in the book of Jeremiah, and I have found it to be an incredible book. I am overwhelmed by the clarity and distinction between God’s justice and wrath, and His mercy and restoration. The two exist side by side throughout this book. Through His prophet, Jeremiah, God outlines the sin that Read More

  • March for Life 2017

    Last weekend, I had the amazing privilege and honor to participate in the 2017 March for Life in Washington DC.  The opportunity was something orchestrated by God’s divine hand, using the beautiful hearts and generosity of some precious people in my life.  I am more grateful than words can express. Even though I have been Read More