Walk for Life

Our Walk for Life on November 6, 2021 is an awesome opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people who believe that life is a gift, and every life deserves to be saved and protected. Our goal is for our pro-life community to raise $90,000 that AWC will use to save innocent lives and advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ. The only way for us to reach $90,000 is if each person participating raises money to walk, which means you become a "Sponsored Walker."
Go to to register.

Walk In Her Shoes

Walk In Her Shoes is a guided tour through the ministry of
A Woman's Choice where you can see first-hand what our clients experience as they walk through our doors. Our next Walk In Her Shoes date is TBD. Scheduled staggered tours are in 15-minute intervals with the first tour beginning at 5:00PM and the last tour beginning at 6:30PM. Please CALL 863-683-2341 to RSVP and reserve your time slot. Whether you are brand new to the ministry, or a supporting veteran, Walk in Her Shoes is an educational and moving experience for all.
Come learn her story...
walk her journey...
discover the outcome.

Home Gatherings

Home Gatherings are a unique opportunity to hear the heart behind the ministry of A Woman's Choice in a very personal and profound way. All you have to do is open up your home to friends and family - anyone you wish to share your passion for the ministry with. Rebecca and or Janet will come share the story of A Woman's Choice, answer any questions, and share how you and your guests can make an impact for life! Click on the image above or visit if you are interested in
hosting a Gathering in your home!

Annual Gala

Our in-person Gala, "Life REDEEMED" took place in April 2021. Lamentations 3:58 - You, oh Lord, took up my cause.  You redeemed my life.   The theme and verse remained the same as we rescheduled Abby Johnson, author of the best-selling book, “Unplanned,” to be our keynote speaker.