Pro-Life Resources

We believe it is essential to provide our Pro-Life Community with the resources and knowledge to engage our culture in a Christ-like way. We hope these resources will be beneficial to you!

Leilany & Solara's Story

Leilany & Solara

Leilany came to A Woman’s Choice visibly nervous and feeling very confused. 

In her heart, she didn’t want an abortion but the people she was looking to for advice told her abortion was her only choice. 

At A Woman’s Choice, Leilany heard God’s truth and plans for her life, giving her hope.

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Making Life Disciples

Making Life Disciples (MLD) is a 12-session course that equips your church members with a gospel-centered, holistic, and non-political approach to caring for those who are considering abortion. This training will help turn your church into a central point of compassion in our community and help you lead with credibility and love while forming a network of support for people at risk for abortion, as well as those who have already been impacted by abortion. 

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Charlotte Lozier Institute leads and advises the pro-life movement with groundbreaking scientific, medical, and statistical research. They leverage their research to educate the media, policymakers, and the public on the value of life from conception to natural death. Click HERE to learn more.

The Life Training Institute has been equipping the pro-life community since 2004 to persuasively defend their views. The gospel is central to their messages, which also include philosophy and science to back-up their pro-life stance. Click HERE to learn more.   

On August 16, 2022 A Woman’s Choice held a “Post-Roe Truth vs. Lies” special event following the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June of that year. The event included presentations and a panel Q & A with four guest speakers, experts in their field:

Florida Senator Kelli Stargel, Dr. Peter Alvarez from Lakeland OB/GYN,
Attorney Chad Mizelle, Chief Legal Officer at Affinity Partners, and Pastor Ian Thomas from The King’s Church  With all the conflicting messages coming at us through every kind of medium surrounding the overthinking of Roe v. Wade, how can we know what the real truth is? As Christians, we NEED to know. This is the video recording of the opportunity to hear from experts who can help us discern truth vs. lies to become equipped to stand firm in the truth. Our four guest speakers covered topics relating to Medical, Political, Legal, and Spiritual.  

What to Say When: The Complete New Guide to Discussing Abortion by Shawn D. Carney and Steve Karlen is an excellent tool if you are actively having pro-life discussions, or simply want to better understand what you already believe. We can’t speak highly enough of this resource! Order your copy here.

Help for after-abortion healing

As much as those facing a crisis pregnancy need our compassion and help, so do the women who have had abortions. We offer Forgiven and Set Free, our post-abortion program. Available to clients and any woman in our community, Forgiven, and Set Free is a 10-week Bible Study that offers hope and healing in Christ for those who have had abortions. To learn more, visit here or contact Clinic Director, Jamie Rogers at 863-683-2341 or