Leilany & Solara’s Story

When the pregnancy test turned positive, Leilany went to her friend’s house to seek counsel from her friend and friend’s mom. Still, a teenager, Leilany was led to believe that she could not parent this child and that her boyfriend would leave her if she continued with the pregnancy because of her changing body and physical appearance. Strong advocates for abortion, they took Leilany to Planned Parenthood. Her friends received information at Planned Parenthood while she stayed in the car. Afterward, the friends decided to take Leilany to A Woman’s Choice so that she could receive pregnancy confirmation free of charge, and they headed our way.

"Walking into A Woman’s Choice I felt peace. It was definitely a God-thing that led me here. It was a voice of reason in a moment of pure panic for me.”

Leilany sat at the edge of her seat as she met with a compassionate advocate. The more the advocate talked, the more her nervousness faded. Since sharing the pregnancy with her boyfriend, to her surprise, he told Leilany that he would support her if she chose to parent. Leilany felt very confused. 

She shared with her advocate that she was scared to tell her mom; she wished she could just have the baby without anyone judging her. In her heart, Leilany didn’t want an abortion, but the people she was looking to for advice told her abortion was her only choice. During their visit, Leilany’s advocate shared God’s truth in love and she offered hope–a hope that transcended her circumstances. They talked about God’s plans for her and her child and closed their time together in prayer.

At her second ultrasound appointment, Leilany arrived with her mom and boyfriend. Seeing the image of her baby caused all the confusion to fade away, and Leilany knew she wanted to raise this precious life! Leilany and her boyfriend expressed the desire to change the pattern of brokenness in both of their upbringings. Leilany’s mom turned to our nurse and exclaimed, “Thank you so much–you literally saved a baby’s life today!”

Leilany shared with us wisdom that we pray each young woman heeds. “As a young girl, we tend to act on our emotions and fear, and that could have caused a lifetime of hurt and pain had I done that.”

Since that day at A Woman’s Choice, Leilany graduated from high school and enrolled in college. Her boyfriend became her husband, and they are raising a happy, healthy, beautiful daughter, Solara.

"Every doubt in my mind, you had an answer for me. You were the ones to tell me I could do this. Solara was the best thing to ever happen to me.”