For Churches

The W.A.I.T. Training curriculum is very adaptable to different age groups and audiences. It can be presented in a variety of settings, and also includes a parent training component. W.A.I.T. Training is a perfect program for church youth groups and civic groups because this program doesn’t just teach abstinence. It is a positive, fun, interactive curriculum for character and relationship development, abstinence and marriage preparation, all areas students and parents need help with. The classes use a positive approach to present the topic of sex, without putting anyone down and offers students who have already been sexually active the opportunity to make a fresh start. We see God’s hand moving through this program and the many benefits it has to offer.

Services Offered:

  • 1 ½ – 2 hour presentation
  • 3-Day Unit
  • Parent Training
  • Civic Organization Presentations
  • Youth Group Presentations

The Wait Training Program:

  • Empowers teens to develop self-respect, character and integrity
  • Celebrates differences between men and women
  • Encourages renewed virginity and second chances
  • Teaches the difference between sex and love
  • Helps kids discern unhealthy messages from the media and the motivation behind those messages
  • Helps teens set boundaries in regard to sexual behavior
  • Teaches the steps of intimacy
  • Enables teens to know the traits of a healthy relationship
  • Helps teens with short and long term goal setting
  • Is fact, not fear-based
  • Helps to prepare individuals to exist and thrive in family and community
  • Encourages parental involvement

If you are interested in having Wait Training presented at your church, school, or civic group, please call Aimee Almon, Director of Education at 863-683-2341 or email at