A Woman’s Choice helps women and men choose life for the unborn through Christ-centered education, medical care and support.


Our vision is to end abortion by advancing a culture of life and freedom in Christ.


In 1987, a group of concerned Christians, seeking to counsel and help young women facing unplanned pregnancies, founded the Southside Crisis Pregnancy Center. By offering pregnancy tests and information about the alternatives to abortion, women were given compassionate, Christ-centered help. Southside Crisis Pregnancy Center continued to serve for many years, then eventually changed its name to A New Creation Pregnancy Center, which was maintained for several years to follow.

Then, in 2005, with the opportunity to become a medical clinic by offering ultrasounds as part of our services, and at the recommendation of Focus on the Family, the ministry made one more change to its name, this time to A Woman’s Choice, a medical program for women. This new name would better reflect the new services we would offer and better attract women who were considering abortion.

Today, A Woman’s Choice continues to maintain the core mission and values that established our ministry when we first began. We continue to minister to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies, by offering pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counsel and compassion. Yet, at the same time, our ministry has grown to offer a wide range of new programs and services that not only reach women at a point of crisis, but also come alongside her to help her grow in making healthier choices for her life.

A Woman’s Choice is a 501(C)3 organization, led by a board of directors, and staffed by volunteers and a small operational staff. We rely on the support of individuals, businesses and churches in the community to partner with us to continue the work that we do.

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