Growing Into Abundant Life

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” – John 10:10

In this scripture, Jesus makes it clear what His intent is for those who belong to Him—that they may have abundant life.  The contrast with the enemy’s goals draws even a clearer picture—one comes to take away, and One comes to give; one comes to destroy, and One comes to build; one produces desolation, whereas the Other creates the fullness of life—life that is full, plentiful, overflowing with the good things of God.  That is why Jesus came, praise God.

However, like all of the Christian walk, abundant life is a process that requires growth.  It is true that the moment we surrender our lives to Christ, we are born into newness of life; yet, it is equally true that we have just begun a journey of growth that will take us to eternity to complete.  Each day, week, month, and year we serve Christ, we are growing into the abundant life we have in Him.  We are getting to know Him and trusting His Word more; we are learning to walk in His Spirit and truth.  And as this process works in us, the good things of God begin to abound.  I hope and pray you have the joy of knowing Jesus’ gift in your life and that you will continue to experience it even more. 

This is also the prayer and hope for the women and men we serve.  We not only desire for babies and families to be born, but that they would also come to know and grow in the abundant life God has for them.  One of our national affiliate organizations, Care Net, calls it “Pro-Abundant Life.”  We don’t just want life to occur, we want abundant life for every woman, man, and child we serve, and that can only be found in Christ.  That is why the Gospel is the cornerstone of all we do in our ministry.  Apart from knowing Christ, they cannot have all that God has purposed for them. 

Thank you for standing with us to bring abundant life to those God has called us to serve! I hope as you familiarize yourself with the ministry of A Woman’s Choice, you see all the ways the Lord is at work growing life in our ministry and in the lives of our clients, and I pray He will continue to grow in you!  God bless you!