Mobile Medical Unit Update

Isn’t it amazing the way God designed pregnancy as a period of time for the precious new life to slowly grow and develop on the inside, while the mother and father are slowly preparing on the outside for all the changes and excitement to come?  God made time for them to get ready—physically, mentally and emotionally—for the baby to come.  As we are preparing for the delivery of our new Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) this year, we can’t help but think of how God has orchestrated the process for us much like a pregnancy.

First, the vision was conceived.  As we were seeking the Lord to show us how to reach more women and men at risk for abortion in our community, God planted the idea of adding a mobile unit to our ministry.  However, it would not happen immediately or quickly.  It would need time to grow and develop, and we would need time to prepare. 

Through 2021, this process has been taking place.  Funds were provided to purchase the MMU.  The chassis was ordered, and the foundation of the vehicle was laid.  Our “baby” was given a name by the donor family who so generously gave to cover her cost, and so now she is “Pearl.”  We couldn’t be more thrilled about this God-ordained name, as we know our MMU will be used to reach and save many “pearls of great price.”

As we go into this new year, Pearl’s interior is being designed and built, which will be followed by her custom exterior wrap.  Every little detail is being put together for her unique and amazing design.  We are expecting Pearl’s delivery sometime in the summer of 2022, and we can’t wait! 

In the meantime, we are busily working within AWC to prepare for the birth of this new extension of our ministry.   There are policies and procedures to create, staff to hire, funds to raise, and more.  We thank God for the time built into the process before Pearl’s delivery, so with God’s help, we know we will be ready when she comes.

Then the real exciting part comes—Pearl will be delivered and a “new life” to our ministry will begin.  That new life of our MMU will be used to save more lives from abortion in our community.  Praise God.  He has given us “Pearl” to save many pearls that are of great value, and together with your help, that is exactly what we will do.   Thank you for standing with us and supporting us through this journey of birth of an exciting new area of our ministry!