SHARE Program

The I WAIT SHARE Program (SHARE = Sexual Health and Relationship Education) is a positive and interactive curriculum for character and relationship development, sexual risk avoidance, and more. Classes are designed to be age appropriate, using a positive approach to present the topic of sex, whether or not students are sexually active.

Youth, ages 12-18, completing the W.A.I.T. Training program will demonstrate attitude shifts reflecting the knowledge learned in the program.

Topics covered are:


  • Refraining from non-marital sexual activity
  • Self-regulation
  • Success sequencing for poverty prevention
  • Healthy relationships
  • Goal setting
  • Refusal skills
  • Dating violence
  • Avoiding high-risk behaviors

School Program

A Woman’s Choice offers this program to schools within our community at no cost. I WAIT represents the prevention aspect of our ministry, teaching young people to make healthier choices which will prevent them from facing unplanned pregnancies.

I WAIT’s vision is to educate, equip, empower and support students, parents, and teachers in the arena of sexual risk avoidance and healthy relationships. In addition, this program moves our community from awareness to action, when it comes to Sexual Risk Avoidance Education.

Program Components:

  • 1-1/2 hour presentations
  • 6-Day teaching unit
  • Age-appropriate middle and high school curriculums
  • Parent Training (iPARENT)

Church Program

I WAIT for churches is a biblically based, positive, fun, interactive curriculum for character and relationship development, sexual risk avoidance education, and marriage preparation. I WAIT is a unique program specifically designed to help young people navigate the minefield of relationship, choices, and temptations they will face in life.

Program Components:


·         1 ½ – 2 hour presentation

·         3-Day Unit

·         Parent Training

·         Civic Organization Presentations


·         Youth Group Presentations


Teen IMPACT Summer Staff

Who is Teen Impact?
Teen IMPACT is a group of high school teens committed to saying YES to healthy relationships and a positive future by saying NO to premarital sex, drugs, tobacco and alcohol!

What is Summer Staff?
Summer Staff is an opportunity for high school students to educate younger students (10+) about the importance of living healthy lifestyles and be role models of this lifestyle. We will be presenting at local Boys & Girls clubs, YMCA’s, rec centers and churches. The Summer Staff program is an 8-week long program. Training week (June 5-9) is mandatory and will be a full week (Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm). The following 7 weeks will be Monday – Thursday workdays, with varying times (most likely 9am – 3:30pm). Every other Friday will be a (optional) Fun Friday event. Reliable transportation is a must. Vacation times are permitted if submitted in advance. Last day of Summer Staff is Friday, July 28.

What is the application process?
The first step would be to fill out the application along with a head shot. This can be mailed or faxed back to our office at the included address. Once your application is submitted and reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email with an essay question included. This will give you a chance to share your heart and passion regarding this cause. This should be at least a paragraph, but no longer than a page. We will also send you a brief monologue to practice in preparation for the audition portion of the application process. The audition allows us to see your ability to not only memorize material, but more importantly, convey ideas. We are less concerned with word for word memorization but would rather see you communicate the information in your own style. For the interview portion of your audition, you will meet one on one with the IMPACT staff and give us a chance to get to know you. None of this is meant to be intimidating or daunting, instead just a way that we can get to know and to determine who will be the best fit for our Summer Staff.

After the audition/ interview, you will receive a call either letting you know if you have been selected for our 2023 Summer Staff, or that we don’t feel this position is right for you. What is expected of a Summer Staffer? The ideal Summer Staffer is comfortable in front of a crowd. He/she must be able to memorize scripts, perform in skits, communicate ideas & key thoughts, and engage the audience in topical dialogue. This person should be positive and flexible. Most importantly, they must be committed to living a healthy lifestyle and see the need to communicate this message to peers. They will be asked to sign a contract to make a commitment to abstain from premarital sexual activity, illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco and be held accountable to that contract. Please feel free to contact us with any more questions!

STUDENTS: Download our Summer Staff Application today!

Thank you, GiveWell Community Foundation!

A Woman’s Choice would like to thank the following donor for making our 2022 Summer Teen Impact Program possible: The George W. Jenkins Fund within the GiveWell Community Foundation Contact: Aimee Almon, SHARE DIRECTOR 863-683-2341